Wellbeing at ITC Rajputana

From the Signature Royal spa i.e. Kaya Kalp to the professionally designed Salon, from serene swimming pools to well-equipped high-tech Gym – ITC Rajputana makes sure that every need of the guests is fully delivered with utmost care and luxury.

The Spa is a fragrant, calm sanctuary where trained therapists use the safest and most reputed products to envelop each guest in relaxation and tranquillity. At Salon, guests enjoy trained care for their skin, hair and beauty needs. Alongside is the serene swimming pool and a well-equipped gym.


Kaya Kalp- The Spa

Guests are transported into a world of personalised therapies that relax every fibre of their being and let a sense of renewed health flood into their minds and bodies. There are traditional Ayurvedic remedies on offer, many which are rare and revived by Kaya Kalp. The therapists listen to the guest’s needs and customise a regimen of rejuvenation that never fails to satisfy.



A beauty salon that specialises in hair and skin treatments and offers full make-up and hair-dressing services. The staff is highly trained and professional


0900 till 2000 hours

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+91 1416681835

Fitness Centre

A gym that raises the bar when it comes to a guest’s fitness goals. The full complement of equipment and personal trainers are on hand.


0600 till 2200 Hours



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+91 1416681835

A good night’s sleep

ITC Hotels has undertaken extensive research into the science of sleep to ensure their guests sink into a deep sleep and wake up refreshed. Measures like a pillow menu, black-out window screens, a ‘Sleeep Box’, special sleep-inducing menus and more,help the guests to wake up ready for a new day.


Radiation Harmonization

Radiation Harmonisation is a patented specialised technology proven to have the capability to nullify the harmful effects of both geopathic radiations and manmade radiations. These harmonisers ensure a healthier stay for all the guests.


Zesty Mornings

Special breakfast creations that make the meal healthy and wholesome while the process protects the planet. The ingredients are carefully selected and the dishes are mindfully prepared. Heritage grains, superfoods, alternate milks, locally produced cheese and much more go into each menu.


Swimming Pool

The limpid waters of the outdoor swimming pool offer both fun times and a fitness regimen. The sun deck is an enjoyable place to relax with snacks and drinks. 

0900 to 1800 hours (Winters), 0700 to 2100 hours (Summers)
Contact Details
+91 1414051600
+91 1416681835