A tribute to the golden age of the Mauryan Dynasty

A landmark in itself, ITC Maurya has been acknowledged as the preferred residence of visiting heads of state and global icons for over 40 years and epitomizes the luxury hotel experience in New Delhi. This luxury hotel welcomes guests to 411 rooms & 26 suites each of which is a triumph of stunning aesthetics. With the iconic Bukhara & celebrated Dum Pukht, the hotel has an enviable collection of culinary destinations, alongside magnificent conference and banquet venues & unmatched wellness facilities. Keeping guests' wellbeing in mind, the hotel deploys advanced air purification systems to maintain, or even better, indoor air quality levels recommended by the World Health Organisation.

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The ITC Maurya Experience


Design & Detailing

An imposing structure of timeless luxury & inspiring architecture, the hotel rises up in steps echoing the design of a Buddhist stupa. The lobby recreates the paneled dome of a chaitya, or Buddhist hall of worship. Its glowing mural sensitively depicting the great parade of life is the cynosure of all eyes. A towering bronze sculpture of Emperor Ashoka in the gardens portrays him in his transformation from a warrior to a philosopher king. The vases, figurines and pieces of sculpture take forward the Mauryan saga. On display is a priceless collection of art by leading Indian artists ranging from Krishen Khanna, M F Husain, Tyeb Mehta & more.


Indoor Air Quality

ITC Maurya deploys advanced air purification systems to maintain, or even better, indoor air quality levels recommended by the World Health Organisation. Dynamic plaques display real-time information on air quality at multiple locations within the hotel premises. All so that guests can inhale the freshness.

*Dynamic plaques within hotel premises ensure real-time measurement



Certified as the World’s first LEED Platinum hotel (for Existing Buildings) and LEED Zero Water hotel. Intelligent policies and practices of environmental stewardship have been built into every aspect of the hotel’s operations. Renewable energy is harnessed, water is recycled and reused to prevent wastage. Solid waste is recycled, and a sizeable portion of ingredients are sourced locally. The hotel consumes far less energy than the benchmark specified by USGBC standard for large sized luxury hotels.



Housing the Globally acclaimed Bukhara & Dum Pukht, the hotel is a gourmet destination in itself. It also offers classic Italian and avant garde East Asian creations, alongside global favorites, served with style and panache. The majestic lounges & elegant bars are the perfect place to unwind and converse with a superb collection of global beverages.



Rooted in traditional Indian philosophies of health, wellness and inner calm, Kaya Kalp – the Spa opens its doors to the world of Ayurvedic and holistic therapies designed to de-stress and detox while relaxing and rejuvenating every guest. The hotel facilitates pursuit of holistic well-being & fitness by offering a conducive sleep environment, healthy cuisine offerings, personalized fitness regimes, and exclusive amenities & facilities.

Luxury Accommodation

Our Curated Offers

Fine Dine

Home to some of the country’s finest culinary brands, this decadent mélange of award winning restaurants promises an unforgettable fine dining experience in New Delhi

An Epicurean Sojourn At Home

Signature Menu Delights, now delivered to your doorstep

Gourmet Couch by ITC Hotels

Crafted with care and handled with utmost hygiene & safety, the mindfully curated menus bring signature food experiences from our award-winning kitchens to your doorstep. Order signature cuisines from our celebrated kitchens through the ITC Hotels App and get access to exclusive offers and features like gift a meal, scheduled delivery and much more


Mind, Body & Soul

Health and wellbeing experiences at ITC Maurya