ITC Kohenur A Luxury Collection Hotel, Hyderabad

Rare & Priceless experiences await

ITC Kohenur is an ode to those rare and priceless experiences and creations we proudly call our own. It’s a celebration of tradition and a triumph of culture. Located in the heart of Hyderabad’s new business district (HITEC City) & overlooking the picturesque Durgam Lake. The hotel takes inspiration from the famed jewel & offers amongst the finest accommodation and dining experiences. 60% rooms and suites overlooking the freshwater lake, experience calm and serenity amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Welcome to one of Hyderabad’s precious jewels.

Facilities and Amenities
  • weassure-itc-kohenur WEASSURE PROMISE
  • concierge-desk-itc-kohenur CONCIERGE DESK
  • butler-services-itc-kohenur BUTLER SERVICES
  • spa-itc-kohenur SPA
  • spa-itc-kohenur FITNESS CENTRE
  • single-lady-traveler-floor-itc-kohenur SINGLE LADY TRAVELER ROOM

The ITC Kohenur Experience


Design & Detailing

The rounded edges and colour of the exterior of the hotel find an echo in the distinctive boulders of Hyderabad. The textiles, ceramics, stone and glass used to create this magnificent edifice resonate beautifully with the cultural identity of the city and the region. This hotel exudes an indescribable aura of subtle finesse.



From refined and local pleasures of royal Indian traditions, to the delectable flavours of the West and the Far East, all paired with an extensive collection of the finest beverages, the gourmet offerings at ITC Kohenur promises an inspiring culinary experience, matched by warm, personalized and efficient service.



Spread over 3 floors, Kaya Kalp – The Royal Spa promotes health, relaxation and inner peace. The exclusive wellness rooms facilitate pursuit of well-being and fitness by offering a conducive sleep environment, healthy cuisine offerings, personalized fitness regimes, Vitamin C showers and exclusive amenities & facilities.



GRIHA 5 star & LEED® platinum rated hotel is constructed at a specific alignment to optimize its interaction with the sun. This maintains the correct balance of sunshine and shade during different times of the day, enabling effective cooling of the hotel. So our guests feel less strained and so does our planet. Sustainability efforts have led to significant reduction in water and electricity demand.

Luxury Accommodation

Curated Experiences

The concierge will tailor special events and experiences to match the guests’ personal preferences and help them discover many lesser known cultural aspects of Hyderabad.

Our Curated Offers

Fine Dine

An award winning repetoire of culinary brands

An Epicurean Sojourn At Home

Signature Menu Delights, now delivered to your doorstep


Gourmet Couch & Flavours

Flavours & Gourmet Couch presents the culinary legacy and finest cuisine offerings from the signature brands and award-winning kitchens at ITC Kohenur. A curated menu from globally acclaimed restaurants brings alive exquisite epicurean delights, with curated signature preparations to suit discerning palates. Authentic recipes crafted with utmost hygiene and care ensure your wellbeing and a safe dining experience.


Mind, Body & Soul

Health and wellbeing experiences at ITC Kohenur