The Royal Afghan Seaside barbecue and Grill

Flavours of the tandoor and treasures of the sea

Perched on multi-level decks alongside the Arossim beach, with panoramic views of the Arabian Sea, The Royal Afghan conjures up the rugged terrain of the region and the robust and layered flavours of its cuisine. The cooking pots, clay ovens and sizzling grills produce meats, seafood, vegetables and breads that can still surprise the diner with their simple, yet delectable taste. Catch of the day is an added attraction.

  • CUISINE TYPE North West Frontier Barbeque, Grills
  • AMBIENCE Beachside
  • DRESS CODE Casual
  • OPERATIONAL HOURS 1900 to 2300 hours
Facilities and Amenities
  • Icon-awesome-tshirt-3.png Open Kitchen
  • Icon-material-room-service-3.png Menu Customization
  • Icon-map-swimming-3.png TDH Menu
  • Icon-awesome-dumbbell-3.png Contact Less Dining
  • Icon-awesome-spa-3.png Kids Chair
  • Icon-material-event-seat-3.png Mixologist on Premises
Signature Dishes
  • Dal Bukhara

    A harmonious blend of whole ''urad'' lentils, tomatoes, ginger & garlic simmered overnight on slow charcoal embers, finished with cream and served with a dollop of unsalted butter.

  • Seekh Kebab

    Tender lamb mince mixed with ginger, green chillies & coriander, spiced with royal cumin and saffron. Skewered and grilled over charcoal fire.

  • Phirni

    A light dessert of milk ad ground basmati rice, flavoured with cardamom, set in an earthen mold, topped with pistachio & almond silvers.

Designed in collaboration with medical professionals and disinfection experts like DNV GL & Savlon, the WeAssure programme to further enhance the existing hygiene and cleaning protocols. Allowing our guests to enjoy their visit and minimize concerns regarding hygiene & safety.