Mind, Body & Soul

A leading destination for holistic health and wellness, each hotel offers a range of comprehensive services that enhance every aspect of the stay - from luxurious treatments at the award winning Kaya Kalp – The Spa to an array of beauty services at Salon to indoor air quality initiatives to a comprehensive Sleeep program developed through research on the science of sleep and more. 

Wellbeing Facilities & Initiatives

Kaya Kalp - The Spa

Kaya Kalp, a Sanskrit word meaning rejuvenation of body, mind and soul. Recapture the spiritual and medicinal legacies of India  through a majestic land of ancient customs and rituals with Kaya Kalp - ITC Hotels' highly acclaimed spa brand.

K by Kaya Kalp

Available at select Welcomhotels, K by Kaya Kalp offers rejuvenating therapies, massages and wellness treatments from across India and the world for a relaxing experience.


A beauty salon that specialises in hair and skin treatments and offers full make-up and hair-dressing services.

Fitness Centre

The gymnasiums at the hotels and resorts raise the bar when it comes to guest’s fitness goals. The full complement of equipment and highly qualified instructors are on hand. In addition, the instructors also offer lifestyle consultations about bespoke physical fitness and wellness programmes which can be followed independently or through private training sessions.

Kaya Kalp presents

Wellbeing Master Series

As part of its Responsible luxury initiatives, ITC Hotels presents, the Wellbeing Series by Kaya Kalp. 

The master series presented by Kaya Kalp is an endeavour to promote wellbeing in a holistic manner and resident masters at Kaya Kalp share some of their knowledge and expertise on a variety of subjects. Each 30min session includes a talk on the selected subject and simple demonstrations

Zesty Mornings

Special breakfast creations that make the meal healthy and wholesome while the process protects the planet. The ingredients are carefully selected and the dishes are mindfully prepared. Heritage grains, superfoods, alternate milks, locally produced cheese and much more go into each menu.

A good night’s sleeep

ITC Hotels has undertaken extensive research into the science of sleep to ensure their guests sink into a deep sleep and wake up refreshed. Measures like a pillow menu, black-out window screens, a ‘Sleeep Box’, special sleeep-inducing menus and more, help the guests to wake up ready for a new day.

Radiation Harmonization

Radiation Harmonisation is a patented specialised technology proven to have the capability to nullify the harmful effects of both geopathic radiations and manmade radiations. These harmonisers ensure a healthier stay for all the guests.

Wellbeing Initiatives