With sustainability being the bedrock of all operations, ITC Hotels is one of the first, largest, and greenest hotel chains in the world to receive the coveted LEED® Platinum Certification for all hotels. Harnessing renewable energy, recycling water, treating solid waste, sourcing consumables locally, eco-sensitive architecture & design protocols being the measures in the journey for a brighter tomorrow.

World's First Eleven LEED Zero Carbon Certified Hotels

We believe that a better tomorrow starts with the changes we make today. This vision is brought alive by our commitment to sustainable practices, right from the structural design of our hotels to their daily functioning.

This philosophy is exemplified by eleven of our iconic hotels – ITC Windsor - Bengaluru, ITC Grand Chola - Chennai, ITC Gardenia - Bengaluru, Welcomhotel Bengaluru, Welcomhotel Guntur, Welcomhotel Chennai, ITC Mughal - Agra, Welcomhotel Coimbatore, Sheraton New Delhi, ITC Grand Central - Mumbai and ITC Maratha - Mumbai are now certified as the world’s first eleven LEED Zero Carbon – Certified hotels. 

Key Sustainability Initiatives


LEED Platinum Certified

ITC Hotels is one of the first, largest, and greenest hotel chains in the world to receive the coveted LEED® Platinum Certification for all hotels. LEED or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is amongst the world’s most widely used systems for rating green buildings with platinum being the highest certification


Energy Efficiency

Over 57% of electricity is generated through renewable sources. Renewable Energy generated annually, is enough to light up National Highway between Srinagar to Kanyakumari for a year.

Kaya - Kalp-itc-mughal

Reduced Carbon foot-print

ITC Hotels annually offset carbon emission equivalent to reduced carbon footprints generated by flying across the globe more than 4000 times. 


Water Conservation

ITC Hotels treat and recycle enough water annually to irrigate 1 Lakh trees which aids in sequestering approximately 95,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide.


Working towards a single use plastic free environment

Guided by ethos of Responsible Luxury, ITC Hotels is continually striving towards the goal of operating in a single–use-plastic free environment. Towards this we have reduced the usage of single-use-plastic from 150 touch points across hotel operations. This has helped eliminate an estimated 2.5 Lakh Kg plastic per year.


Sunya Aqua

SunyaAqua - Zero Mile water is treated & purified within the hotel using advanced technology, while conforming to Indian standards for safety and purity.

ITC Windsor, Bengaluru

Leadership in sustainability

ITC Hotels was named as the 2021 USGBC Regional Leadership Award recipient by the U.S. Green Building Council. This is a global recognition that celebrates organisations around the world who are using green building and sustainable practices to improve the quality of life for those around them.

ITC Kohenur, Hyderabad

Efficient design & sustainable materials

 The extensive use of natural light within ITC Hotels help in creating comfortable spaces for our guests while lowering electricity consumption. ITC Kohenur, Hyderabad for instance, is aligned in a way that maximises its interaction with the sun, allowing more sunlight into the property throughout the day.