About ITC's Hotel Group

With over 115 hotels in 80+ destinations across six distinct brands, ITC's hotel group integrates India's renowned tradition of hospitality and warmth, with globally benchmarked facilities & services.

Distinctive, Distinguished Brands

Launched in 1975, ITC Hotels, India's premier chain of luxury hotels, has become synonymous with Indian hospitality. 

Other brands in the groups repertoire are:

  • ITC Hotels: With ‘Namaste’ as the enduring symbol of its brand experience and ‘Responsible Luxury’ as the guiding premise, ITC Hotels are an archetype of the culture and ethos of each destination offering authentic, indigenous luxury experiences which are in harmony with the environment and society. ITC Hotels also has an exclusive tie-up with Marriott's 'The Luxury Collection' brand in India. With a platinum grade commitment to our guests and the planet, each ITC Hotel is certified with a LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum rating for globally recognised planet positive endeavours.
  • Mementos: Mementos by ITC Hotels is the latest addition to ITC’s Hotel Group, which operates over 115 hotels, 10,000+ rooms across 80 destinations in India. The launch of the new luxury brand further strengthens the group’s distinct portfolio, that is renowned for its unique design philosophy, award winning cuisine, signature services & globally recognized sustainability initiatives. Mementos by ITC hotels will bring together a collection of unique hotels, across varied destinations ranging from modern marvels, hidden retreats to historic treasures.
  • Welcomhotel: Welcomhotel is a collection of premium hotels designed for those who demand more and seek curated experiences, to optimize their travel intent. Present in locations ranging from hills to beaches, and deserts to cities, the brand is reflective of the warmth of Indian culture while upholding the benchmark standards of ITC Hotels. From curated journeys that enhance leisure trips, to those that maximize the efficiency of business stays, every effort is made to add value to the new-age traveller. 
  • Storii: Storii is a collection of handpicked boutique properties, designed to satiate the ever evolving needs of the global traveller. Consisting of intimate sized properties in the premium segment you will find STORII at both expected and unexpected destinations Breath-taking locales or sites steeped in history, golden untouched beaches or jungles thriving with adventure, quiet scenic valleys or deserts buzzing with folklore. Each will offer a distinct experience, so that no two stays are the same. Whether it is a date with the surroundings, or a weekend of wellness, some quality solitude or joyous moments with family & friends with the help of these unique stays, the brand will tell a story like no one else. The hospitality warm, inviting and unassuming It will give its guests the comfort of their home by engulfing them with curated & bespoke engagements. 
  • Fortune Hotels: Fortune Park Hotels Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of ITC Ltd. and is India's leading chain of  first-class, full-service business and leisure hotels. Fortune Hotels’ brand philosophy is driven by its objective to provide contemporary accommodation to business and leisure travellers through its wide range of accommodation in pertinent destinations, with emphasis on personalized service at great value. Convenient locations, excellence of cuisine, efficient service and competitive pricing have made the Fortune Hotels chain popular amongst discerning travelers. Fortune, a member of ITC’s hotel group has a number of clearly defined sub-brands bringing instant recall, so that guests can easily match their requirements with the chain’s offers. The sub-brands under which the hotels are being operated by the chain are Fortune Select, Fortune Park, Fortune Inn, and Fortune Resort.
  • WelcomHeritage: A joint venture between ITC Ltd and Jodhana Heritage, established in the year 1997, WelcomHeritage represents the finest traditions of heritage hospitality and tourism in India with a unique portfolio of Palaces, Forts, Havelis and Resorts spread across 37 scenic and tranquil destinations. Our endeavor is to create a special balance between local traditions and modern-day requirements thus creating best-in-class authentic experience without losing the Heritage ethos in some of the country’s most inspiring destinations. 

ITC Hotels

Enabling authentic indigenous experiences in harmony with environment & society

Each ITC Hotel is an archetype of the culture and ethos of the region that it is located in. The concept of each of the hotels weaves in the strongest elements of the culture of the region – harking back through architecture, interiors, art and artefacts to the major dynasties who have ruled India.

The unique value propositions, including the differentiated character of hotels, coupled with indigenous experiences is what makes every ITC Hotel unique.

India’s centuries-rooted sacred relationship with its environment, of sustenance and nurture, is a vital and living heritage that is the cornerstone of the ITC Hotels ethos and an affirmation of Responsible Luxury: luxury without compromising the earth and sustainability without compromising luxury. 

Responsible Luxury is the effective combination of luxury and responsible practices (enriching society and the environment) so that the luxury experiences delivered at ITC Hotels do not in any way burden the environment or the society around us. In fact, it is aimed at creating a positive impact on both the community-at-large and the environment.

It ensures that sustainable practices are built into our hotels in the design phase itself, thus enabling ITC Hotels to be eco-embedded, services to be eco-easy and our associates to be eco-sensitised; all of this while ensuring you indulge guilt-free. All ITC Hotels are LEED Platinum certified. 

Core Differentiators

Branded Accommodation

ITC Hotels has set standards for excellence in the hotel industry by pioneering the concept of branded accommodation. The chain has developed four brands of accommodation 'ITC One', 'Towers', ‘Eva’ and the 'Executive Club' to differentiate between the needs of various travellers and provide the highest levels of service. Each category is unique in design and is luxuriously appointed to meet the needs of the guest. The suites at ITC Hotels are also inspired by the region the hotel is located in and offer bespoke, indigenous luxury experiences

Branded Cuisine

At ITC Hotels ‘Responsible Luxury’ is manifested in a collection of hotels that mirror the ethos and culture of the destination; through culinary experiences like Bukhara, Dum Pukht, Royal Vega that abet India’s dominance on the global culinary scape and initiatives like ‘SunyaAqua’-Zero km water, Local Love, Kitchens of India series - showcasing the lesser known culinary legacy of the nation; 


A leading destination for holistic health and wellness, each hotel offers a range of comprehensive services that enhance every aspect of the stay - from luxurious treatments at Kaya Kalp – The Spa to an array of beauty services at Salon to indoor air quality initiatives to a comprehensive Sleeep program developed through research on the science of sleep and more.


WelcomEnviron : symbolizes ITC Hotels active commitment to the environment. The need for maintaining an ecological balance and the duty towards the same as a concerned "Corporate Citizen" is a high priority for the Organization. Each hotel thus operates in harmony with nature.

A unique initiative, WelcomEnviron is ITC Hotels vision for a greener world with the guiding principle of 'Reduce, Reuse and Recycle'. Each hotel has its own programme, encompassing local participation, creating awareness among employees and focuses on conservation of resources through energy-saving tools, environment-friendly material and other best green practices 

Other Initiatives

Empowering Differently-abled people

 ITC Hotels has established that if provided with an opportunity to work and become self-sufficient, people who are differently-abled can significantly contribute to the workplace, families and the community. ITC Hotels has taken a positive step in this direction by employing people who are differently-abled across its hotels. ITC Hotels believes that everyone should be treated with sensitivity and empathy. The models it has created have been effective and have succeeded in sensitising other employees to the needs of those differently-abled. Keeping in mind their specific skills, many differently abled have been employed in diverse functions like housekeeping, teleworking, bakery and as musicians. Special badges for the visually impaired, whistles for hearing impaired employees to communicate in an emergency and sign language classes for the staff to communicate with them are just a few examples of how ITC Hotels has created an atmosphere of sensitivity and caring.

ITC Hotels has also published a booklet aimed at sharing experiences with the rest of the corporate world and laying down a step-by-step guide to demystify the perceived complexities around employing persons with disabilities.