Explore bespoke experiences crafted to give you a taste of once-in-a-lifetime adventures and open your eyes to nature’s mysteries. Under able guidance of our ultimate memory-makers: The Mementos Ambassadors who will guide you to make your stay, an unforgettable one

Hike and Seek

Embark on an epic adventure in the Wandering Woods. Witness incredible views of the sun setting behind the majestic Aravalis, while cotton candy clouds weave their magic above. This hike rewards you with the lush landscape - its glory is worth every step. Don't miss out on this journey through nature's beauty.

Wellness in the Wild

After a thrilling hike through the nearby hills and a day filled with action-packed activities, your body deserves some pampering and attention. Unwind at our luxurious spa and let the serene sounds of the woods soothe your soul. Treat yourself to a rejuvenating experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the next adventure

Moonlight Yoga

Experience a state of tranquillity like no other with our Moonlight Yoga. Let the peaceful silences of the night punctuate each breath, as the cooling lunar energy of the moon and soothes your body. Don't miss this opportunity to connect with nature and find inner peace under the enchanting glow of the moon.

An Astral Adventure

Indulge in the ultimate front-row seat to witness nature's captivating spectacle. Behold the majestic clash of the clouds and the mesmerizing appearance of planets - all in one stellar performance. With the aid of our telescope, you can embrace the beauty of the night sky and immerse yourself in the wonders of the universe


Dear guests, there’s a significant increase in air traffic. We have Kingfishers, Hummingbirds and birds from over 26 species flying in all possible directions. We request you to stay glued to your binoculars (available on request) and enjoy the pretty sights.

Landscape Painting

Let the awe-inspiring beauty of the sunset spark your hidden artistic flair - one that lies dormant within you. Embrace it, harness it, and translate the vivid hues onto the canvas. This masterpiece will be a cherished memory that illuminates even the gloomiest of days. Give yourself the gift of creativity and let the sunset be your muse.

Fish Feeding

Embrace the beauty of nature and its wonderful gifts by feeding the fish and ducks residing at the serene lakeside. Take a moment to connect with the wildlife around you and experience the joy it brings.

Games Launchpad

Children above 50, kids below 50. All are welcome here. Engage in friendly banter as you connect with people over a game of tennis, croquet, carrom, foosball, snooker or table tennis.

Ollie’s Club

Have a herd of kids? Lead them to their natural habitat where they’ll be kept entertained. Kiddie special programs also include movie night, pizza making and cupcake decoration and many interesting activities.

Fitness Centre

A gym that raises the bar when it comes to a guest’s fitness goals round a clock. The full complement of equipment including treadmills, cross trainers, smith machines, foam rollers and more are on hand. The personal trainers are happy to give individual consultation sessions.


Rewatch Old Favourite’s with your loved ones or catch up on what’s latest at our private movie theatre. Prior booking is recommended 

Intimate Dining For Couples Or Family

Where the nuances of table setting haven’t been forgotten. Where Menus have been refined as per the season. Where the Chef’s know exactly what your palate demands. When we say intimate dining, we go the whole hog.

The Snooker Room

Built for those who bring their competitive spirit wherever they go, our snooker facility is much sough after. Equipped with top of the line snooker tables and gear , players of varying skill sets can enjoy a great game at this facility.

Lawn Tennis

Since some of these experiences are paid, please contact Mementos Ambassador for details