Embark on a journey rooted through rituals that take you back in time and dive deeper into the world of wellness at ITC Ratnadipa. From sky pools to a fully-fledged gymnasium to Kaya Kalp – The Royal Spa, the ultimate relaxation awaits.

Kaya Kalp - The Royal Spa

Find tranquility at Kaya Kalp Spa, where signature Ayurvedic treatments and traditional spa experiences await. Immerse yourself in Sri Lanka's rich cultural tapestry through pampering massages, including Swedish and Thai techniques, with a local twist.


0900 till 2100 hours


Full fledged salon for all beauty needs inclusive of a separate bridal dressing room.


0900 till 2100 hours

Fitness Centre

Achieve your fitness goals at our state-of-the-art fitness centre spanning stunning ocean views. Equipped with the latest gear, expert personal trainers and a sauna for detoxification, stay committed to a healthier you.


0600 till 2100 hours

A good night’s sleep

ITC Hotels has undertaken extensive research into the science of sleep to ensure their guests sink into a deep sleep and wake up refreshed. Measures like a pillow menu, black-out window screens, a ‘SLEEEP Box’, special sleep-inducing menus and more, help the guests to wake up ready for a new day.

Zesty Mornings

Special breakfast creations that make the meal healthy and wholesome while the process protects the planet. The ingredients are carefully selected and the dishes are mindfully prepared. Heritage grains, superfoods, alternate milks, locally produced cheese and much more go into each menu.

Swimming Pool

Our outdoor swimming pool watching over the city's skyline, invites you to dive straight in. Relax under the gleaming sun, soak into serenity or simply sip on a coffee as the sky changes shades.


0700 till 2000 hours