Inspired Art

The walls on every floor of ITC Narmada are embellished with paintings and art works that capture the essence of everyday Gujarati life. Portraits of traditionally dressed indigenous men and women engaged in simple activities such as fetching water and herding cattle provide a glimpse of Gujarati folk, providing a sharp contrast with the otherwise grandiose and stately structure of the hotel. While some floor lobbies showcase local, rustic jewellery, some other portraits showcase the important presence of music in the lives of people. Garba, the internationally renowned, nine-day dance festival (also known as dandia - raas) celebrated to venerate the spirit and strength of Goddess Durga also finds a place in the pictures that adorn the walls. In addition to the portraying the people of Gujarat, the paintings showcase the rich flora and fauna of Gujarat. Often referred to as a bird-watcher’s paradise, the state is home to a variety of birds and animals that represent its diverse landscape. Gir National Park, the only home to the Asiatic lions surviving in the wild, is situated in Gujarat. Every portrait, photograph and artwork that adorn the lobby walls are representative of the true Gujarati spirit of zeal for life and living to the fullest. 

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