Royal Vega

A Royal Dining experience

Royal Vega, the signature vegetarian restaurant of ITC Hotels is designed to showcase the diverse food culture of the Indian subcontinent. The ambience and the menu that shape the experience of a diner, are flawless in their endeavour to deliver a world-class experience while being rooted in the Indian ethos. The well-curated menu is primarily based on three factors- availability of local ingredients, opportunity to use seasonal produce, and importantly, the Ayurvedic combinations that elevate the rasa, or the taste of the dish. Served in royal silverware amidst an ambience that oozes grandeur, the food integrates both cultural and culinary practices of India that are over five thousand years old. Ritu Khasa, Ranjit Khasa, Suvarna Khasa, and Karnavati Khasa are the four signature menus that Royal Vega at ITC Narmada offers. While all thalis have an underlining commonality in terms of using premium quality, locally and seasonally sourced ingredients, and adhering to the principles of Ayurveda, the flavours, and textures in each are distinct. With attention to the minutest ingredient on an Indian thali, such as the chooran, a quintessential digestive in all cultures, to the finest of the desserts, the Royal Vega is a treat to all the senses one can imagine.

The Karnavati Thali

Royal Vega at ITC Narmada offers a holistic food experience, bringing to fore the traditionally rich Gujarati heritage to its patrons. Karnavati Thali, one of its signature vegetarian thalis, is named after the historical city of Ahmedabad, also known as Karnavati in the 11th century. A delectable, well-curated experience of Gujarati food, this thali integrates different cuisines from across the state. Much like the city that is a melting pot for the Gujarati population from across the globe, this thali reflects the true ethos of being rooted in tradition and customs. The Karnavati thali is meticulously curated to include all the six rasas or tastes as prescribed by Ayurveda, Madhura (sweet), Amla (salt), Lavana (sour), Katu (pungent), Tikta (bitter) and Kashaya (astringent) to offer a gastronomically delightful experience. From the quintessential “chaash” (buttermilk) to a variety of “farsaans” (savory snacks), traditional sweets, pickles, breads, daals, subzis, the thali culminates into customary “mukhwaaas” (digestive and breath-freshener). Cooked using only the finest, [PK1] [tt2] locally sourced ingredients from across the country, the unique all-vegetarian kitchen offers a royal platter that is both comforting and exhilarating at once.

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