ITC Kakatiya A Luxury Collection Hotel, Hyderabad

Commemorating the legendary spirit of the Kakatiya Dynasty

Overlooking sweeping stretches of Hyderabad's green cover and the iconic Hussain Sagar Lake, ITC Kakatiya pays tribute to the age of the great Kakatiya Dynasty. Located in the heart of the commercial district of Hyderabad, the hotel welcomes its guests to a renaissance of art, design and a bountiful life. With 188 exquisite rooms and suites, a bouquet of four dining destinations, splendid conference venues and exceptional wellness facilities, the hotel has carved a special niche for itself in the life of the metropolis.

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Facilities and Amenities
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The ITC Kakatiya Experience


Design & Detailing

The hotel’s architecture pays tribute to the glorious dynasty it is named after, which crafted the golden age of Telugu history. The furnishings and artefacts subtly echo the artistic and creative triumphs of that period. Sculptures in stone are placed in positions of prominence, which commemorate the ancient traditions in this art form. The soft furnishings frequently feature the renowned ikat weave that Telengana is famous for. The priceless pieces of art that adorn the walls heighten the cultural experience for each guest.



The hotel has much to offer the adventurous gastronome, with its collection of fine dining destinations. Kebabs & Kurries offers delicacies from the clay ovens of the North-West Frontier, the iron tandoors of Hyderabad and the slowly simmered delights of Awadh. Dakshin throws open the kitchens of peninsular India, while the Deccan Pavilion presents culinary delights from the region, nation and the world. The lounge bar invites guests to sample its superb collection of beverages.



The hotel invites its guests to absorb the manifold health benefits on offer at Kaya Kalp – the Spa. In its treatment rooms, trained therapists follow the tenets and practices described in ancient Indian scriptures and utilise natural products to relax and rejuvenate their guests. The hotel facilitates the pursuit of holistic well-being and fitness by offering a conducive sleep environment, healthy cuisine offerings, personalized fitness regimes, and exclusive amenities and facilities.



Intelligent policies and practices of environmental stewardship have been built into every aspect of the hotel’s operations. Energy efficiency is optimized, water is recycled and reused to prevent wastage. Solid waste is recycled, and a sizeable proportion of ingredients are sourced locally. This LEED® Platinum rated hotel consumes much less energy than the benchmark specified by the EPA, USA for large sized luxury hotels. 

Luxury Accommodation

Our Curated Offers

Fine Dine

Home to some of the country’s finest culinary brands, this decadent melange of award winning restaurants promises an unforgettable fine dining experience in Hyderabad

An Epicurean Sojourn At Home

Signature Menu Delights, now delivered to your doorstep


Gourmet Couch & Flavours

Flavours & Gourmet Couch presents the culinary legacy and finest cuisine offerings from the signature brands and award-winning kitchens at ITC Kakatiya. A curated menu from globally acclaimed restaurants brings alive exquisite epicurean delights, with curated signature preparations to suit discerning palates. Authentic recipes crafted with utmost hygiene and care ensure your wellbeing and a safe dining experience.


Mind, Body & Soul

Health and wellbeing experiences at ITC Kakatiya