Kaya Kalp –The Royal Spa

Experience the spiritual and medicinal legacies of India through a healing journey of mind, body and spirit. Nature, music and healing hands will guide one through an integrated path towards wellness - where stresses and tensions melt away and the eyes are opened to the deep peace and harmony which lies within. Nestled in the peaceful surroundings of the ancient Aravalis, Kaya Kalp-The Royal Spa is committed to enhancing your wellbeing. Treatments are based on a deep understanding of the ancient healing wisdom which can be found in India’s rich heritage. Using time honored practices of Ayurveda and Yoga, along with the best international therapy techniques, an experience at Kaya Kalp transports you to the heart of wellness. 

Signature Treatments & Rituals

Attain Wellness Through Ayurveda

These wellness-enhancing rituals are uniquely designed to detoxify, purify and bring balance, well-being and energy to the body & mind. They release physical tension, harmonies the energies and deeply nourish your core, bringing tranquility and peace to every cell of your body.

All Spa treatments include the full use of spa facilities such as the vitality pool, rock sauna, steam, ice cold showers and a stunning spa terrace.