Bukhara Celebrates 45 Glorious Years

In an era of constant change, Bukhara - an icon of culinary heritage, stands as a steadfast sentinel, preserving its original concept for over four decades. Marking a milestone in culinary history, Bukhara at ITC Maurya - a living testament of ITC Hotels’ commitment to quality and consistency - celebrates 45 glorious years of serving the robust flavours of the North West Frontier. This unwavering dedication to its roots has made it a unique culinary destination, captivating diners from across the globe with its celebrated legacy.

The legendary Indian artist M.F. Husain was so inspired during a visit to Bukhara that he painted his trademark horse on canvas while dining at the restaurant. This iconic image has since been featured on the limited-edition Bukhara apron.

An Iconic Address Where Legends And Luminaries Converge



Bukhara's cuisine is a delectable journey through the rustic charm of the North West Frontier's culinary heritage, transformed into an exquisite dining experience.

Celebrated for its mastery in the traditional art of grilling, Bukhara is renowned for iconic dishes like Dal BukharaSikandari Raan, chargrilled vegetables and more. Emphasizing the concept of 'breaking bread' together is the legendary Naan Bukhara, baked in tandoor. 

Each dish on the menu, from the meticulously prepared platters to the individual masterpieces, invites diners to partake in an unparalleled gastronomic adventure. 



The origins of Bukhara trace back to the rugged terrains and spirited camaraderie of the North-West Frontier Province, demarcated by the British in 1900s. This historical region, spanning parts of Afghanistan and the North-Western territories of pre-independent India, serves as the foundation for Bukhara's culinary philosophy.

Established in 1978, inspired by the essence of this frontier tradition, the cuisine at Bukhara captures the spirit experienced around the warm glow of a campfire. Offering a taste of history with every bite, every meal at Bukhara encourages guests to embrace a multi-sensory experience. 



Savouring the timeless tradition, the interiors are a harmonious blend of rustic elegance, featuring stone walls adorned with traditional carpets, rough-hewn trestle tables, wooden stools, along with the warm glow from copper pots and urns contributing to the restaurant's unique aesthetics. The menu, artfully displayed on a block of wood, & the use of earthenware crockery, further enhance the traditional dining experience.

In a novel twist that has captured the hearts of many, guests are presented with aprons, an invitation to engage using all their senses, embracing the tactile joy of eating with their hands. This distinctive practice not only adds to the immersive experience but has also become a signature aspect of dining at Bukhara. 

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